Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What Has Barry Done Lately?

Last weekend Democrat poster boy Barry Obama came to speak to a group of Democrats in Topeka, because of poor planning some of them had to watch Barry's speech on TV in another room.

For most of his life Senator Obama was known by his family as Barry, then he decided to enter politics and decided Barry was a little too plain so he decided to start going by Barack, KRP is kind of a traditional blog, so we will stick with Barry, if that's okay with you.

Last year Barry gave a good speech at the Democrat National Convention and the Dems decided that a young, kind of ethnic Senator with a funky name is just what their party needs.

Now Barry is a good figure head for the Democrats because he is good at giving speeches, good at sounding compassionate, but bad at coming up with ideas, a perfect fit for today's Democrat Party. Now don't get me wrong, Barry is clearly for bunnies, sunny days, rainbows, good schools, clean water, apple pie and not executing innocent people, he has clear stands on the important issues of the day. As a charismatic leader Barry doesn't bother with the silly issues like Social Security, the deficit, or the War in Iraq.

Barry is hard hitting, he is strongly in favor of uniting our nation and bringing people together, not dividing them.

So Barry got together with some other Democrats they know they don't like George Bush, but don't know what they would do differently. They know that if they could have traveled through time, and knew what they knew today, they would have opposed the war back then. They know they don't like the deficit, but don't have the guts to say "tax increase". They know they are for something called "Democrat Values" but none of them will admit what Democrat Values mean for public policy.

In the halls the activist whispered the forbidden phrases "tax increases for the rich" which starts at about $32,000 in Kansas, universally bad health care for all, removing testing standards from state schools. The activists what they want to do but try as they might, Barry, Dennis and Kathleen just won't admit it.

So Barry did what Barry does, he gave a nice speech and played the golden boy, he sold his tie to a rich Democrat for $7,500 and got back on the plane.

Good job Barry, another week down, no policy ideas from the Democrats.

Want us to know about it?


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tie went for $7,000 as anyone who was there knows. My guess is that Larry Gates and his pals added $100k+ to their warchest. Compare this to the GOP struggle to reach $75K and they had baskets of unpaid bills to settle before they could look ahead.

Money will be the true measuring stick this year and 'Barry's' effort just adds to the $5 million Sebilius will have and the $1 million Morrison will raise.

Republican cash boxes will be soi empty that a good shift in House races could make Sebelius veto-proof with room to spare.

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sebelius at $5 million or Morrison at $1 million is la-la land for the Democrats, they will end up with half that much.

The $7,000 tie, the Democrat version of fiscal restraint.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say Morrison will get closer to $2 miilion. He's already at $500k, and his campaign is only 3 months old.

$5 million is probably a bit high for Sebelius. I'd say she hits a ceiling at $3 million. Of course, it's still more than any other Governor in history of Kansas.

The Republicans won't be able to raise a dime. The state party is raising less than it did under moderates ... and the moderates were broke. The state GOP cannot even pay staff.

Nobody is going to invest in the current batch of GOP candidates. Nobody with money thinks that they have a chance. If Jim Ryun enters race things will be different. However, unless things change, this election cycle belongs to the Democrats.


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