Friday, March 10, 2006

Democrats Can't Do Better

From Today's LA Times:

"Yet somehow the Democratic Party still can't do any better than "America can do better."

"You can do better" is what you say to a dim child whose grades were even worse than expected. Is this really the Democrats' message to the nation: that we don't need to be quite as pathetic as we now are, though excellence is certainly beyond our reach?

This slogan speaks not of hope but of hopelessness, of scaled-down ambitions, of dreams deferred and dreams denied.

It's the smallness of it that kills me. This nation began with a dream — a crazy, risky, breathtaking dream of freedom, justice and equality. Sure, we've never truly achieved that dream, but for much of the last century, it's been the Democratic Party that has helped keep that dream alive. So how can it be that, today, Democrats don't seem to stand for anything at all?

Part of the problem is ambition and cowardice, which together make a lethal combination. Too many would-be Democratic leaders think that "playing it safe" is the way to go. They're fine with criticizing the administration, but the minute they take any flak themselves, they go scurrying back into their holes. In place of a willingness to take risks and speak from the heart, they offer a craven and misguided dependence on polls, focus groups and "expert strategists.""

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger Brandon said...

The problem for the Democrats goes far deeper than poor slogans. The basic rift in the party is underlies the difficulties in formulating effective agendas and uniting behind candidates.

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem the Democrats have is that they know when they explain what they want to actually do people don't like it.

People might like the idea of a generic Democrat after ten years of Republicans, but when they see that actual Democrat and hear what they want to do to the country, they vote Republican.


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