Monday, March 06, 2006

Barnett Opposes Sebelius Education Plan

Senator Jim Barnett, Republican candidate for Governor, is voicing his opposition to the plan being debated in the legislature, which has now picked up support from Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

According to Barnett:

"The bills that have passed one house this session and the education bill
the Governor has crafted behind closed doors puts the state budget in the
hole over $800 million dollars by 2009," stated Barnett. "The only way to
pay for this spending is with tax increases or state-owned gambling. And I
don’t believe the people of Kansas want either."

"“The governor'’s proposal is a Trojan Horse. It may be attractive on the
outside but has an unpleasant surprise hidden within– higher taxes and
state-owned gambling."

"“Kansas is at a crossroads. Down one road is a real future with more
funding for our schools, targeted tax cuts for taxpayers, business providing
more jobs, and a government that lives within its means. Down the other
road is the false promise of a state government on a spending spree, with
higher taxes and state-owned gambling as the only way to pay the tab."

Barnett makes a compelling case that the expansion of government and the soaring debt load that unfunded government spending requires have hurt business development in Kansas.

The Governor, well the Governor was busy at a Democrat Party fundraiser with Barry Obama this weekend and could not be reached for comment.

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