Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sebelius "working" on Education Plan

After two years without proposing an education budget or a plan for improving education in Kansas, Governor Sebelius has finally started working on a plan.

Previously Sebelius had proposed raising taxes on the middle clas by $300 million per year to support education.

From the Kansas City Star:

"Jennison said Sebelius isn't showing any leadership on the biggest issue facing her and legislators: the need to find more money for public schools because of rulings by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Many fellow Republicans are saying the same thing, because Sebelius hasn't outlined a school finance plan since her ill-fated proposal in 2004 to phase in a $300 million tax increase over three years ago.

"This race, in our opinion, is about one thing: It's leadership," Jennison said. "I really don't think the governor fulfilled her role as governor."

Sebelius and her aides have said the governor is working with legislators who are drafting school finance legislation this year. Spokeswoman Nicole Corcoran noted that Sebelius recently said she is pleased with the cooperation she has seen from Republican legislative leaders."

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