Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back in Action

Sorry for the hiatus, but Kansas Republican Politics is back in action.

What a great time to get back into things, Governor Sebelius just gave the state of the state address, saying little, but kicking off her "Do Nothing for Four More Years '06" tour.

The Legislature is getting ready to consider an education package that will add $400 million in new annual funding for education, on top of the $300 million per year they added last year for a grand total of $700 million per year in new funding over two years. Remember that education was already the largest part of the state budget before all of this new funding, and none of this goes to the Universities.

The odds that the legislature adds $400 million, 98%. But wait until next year when they do a follow up survey after the increase in funding. Do you think the next survey will show education under funded, or properly funded? My money is on under funded. Government is a hungry beast and the more you feed it, the more it wants to eat.

The Congressional race kicks off in two weeks at Kansas Days in Topeka, Ahner and Schwab head to head, is anyone else excited by the prospects of these two guys? When I think of strong leaders with real plans for the future, well right now Ahner and Schwab aren't exactly at the top of the list, but I remain optimistic, we'll get an update on that one soon enough.

In other words, KRP is back in action, if you have a good story idea or good gossip, let us know.

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