Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq

If you haven't already seen it, you need to watch the new GOP video, Democrats: Dishonest on Iraq. The video is about five minutes long, it is news footage of top Democrats talking about their assessment of the threat they believed Saddam Hussein posed to the US before the war in Iraq.

These people (Howard Dean, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton) all saw the pre war intelligence and came to the same conclusion, that Iraq had, or was building a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction and posed a grave threat to the US. Today these people would have you believe that they didn't believe Iraq posed a threat to the US, and would like to place the blame at the feet of President Bush.

A bipartisan review of the pre war intelligence shows that there was no effort to influence, shape, or alter the unanimous conclusion of intelligence agencies around the world that Iraq posed a threat to the US. Democrats would like you to believe otherwise, but have never produced any evidence to support these claims.

They have tried to pretend like they didn't see the intelligence before the war, they have tried to pretend that Bush "lied" or somehow mislead them, but they have never been able to prove it. They have tried to politicize the investigation into prewar intelligence.

They were for the war when it was popular, now they are against it when it is unpopular, substituting their own political preservation for the protection of our nation and the Iraqi people.

While the political impact of hearing Democrats repeat the positions they are now trying to run from, and trying to pretend they never held, the political implications pale in comparison to the implications for our national security.

The people in this video (Howard Dean, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton) should be embarrassed about how they are trying to mislead the American public, but they should be ashamed of the way they have turned defending our nation and the war on terror into a political game. National security isn't a game, it is serious, it is literally a life and death issue.

Democrats can change their positions on issues, they can mislead voters by "reframing" things, but their inability to make a commitment to preventing attacks on our nation makes them unfit to lead.

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