Monday, November 14, 2005

Democrat Values Don't Include Balanced Budgets

The Democrat Party has a new plan, they now want to be the "values party" you can't listen to their leaders without hearing about Democrat values.

Now when most people think of things the Democrat Party values they probably think of high taxes, wasteful government welfare programs, and taxpayer funded "art" that isn't fit to be sold in a respectable adult bookstore. The Democrats want to change that, they want you to think of fiscal responsibility, national defense, church, mom and apple pie, you know, the things most people associate with the Republican Party.

Now, that would be great, if the Democrats really wanted to balance the budget, fund the defense of our nation, and go to church, the problem is they don't. Representative Dennis Moore is a great example, he tells voters he supports fiscal conservatism, education, and national defense while on the campaign trail, unfortunately by the time he gets back to Washington he forgets those promises, Dennis Moore has a liberal voting record that bears little resemblance to his campaign rhetoric. Most people would call that a lie, the Democrat buzz word is "framing."

So that brings us to Kathleen Sebelius. Governor Sebelius has recently been named one of the top 5 Democrat Governors by Time. According to Time:

Through spending cuts, fee increases and some borrowing, Sebelius was able to balance Kansas' budget in her first year in office without raising taxes or cutting funding for education.
Now, I don't know how you balance a budget through borrowing, it seems to me that if you need to borrow, you haven't balanced your budget. That is the key to the "Democrat Values" they don't want to balance the budget, that would require spending less, so they just "frame" the budget into balance.

I think the difference between "fee increases" and "tax increases" is a distinction without at difference, both take more money away from Kansans and result in higher spending.

The Time article gets at the core of the "Democrat Values", they don't want to do the policies most people like, but they want to talk about it. No matter how much they say they are the "values party" the Democrats have a long way to go before they actually are.

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