Monday, October 17, 2005


David Lindstrom won the Fire Dennis Moore Straw Poll this weekend Lindstrom pulled in 39% of the site's growing readership, pretty impressive for a candidate in a fractured party and in a race that has received so little coverage from the mainstream press.

The Lawrence Journal World continues its attack against Bob Corkins this morning
. This time they turn a one sided story about an argument with Audrey Langworthy into a story about how Corkins wasn't a good lobbyist.

The Johnson County Sun's continued its pro-Dennis Moore bias this week. The Sun provided no coverage at all of Moore's recent vote against the energy bill, a bill that will stimulate refinery construction and could lead to lower gas prices for the middle class. After covering Moore playing a guitar in a school two weeks ago, and Moore signing on to a burn prevention bill last week, apparently the Sun didn't have time to cover how Moore actually votes on major legislation. Apparently the Sun had to clear space for their riveting article about the governor speaking to a women's group.


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