Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Democrat Opponent for Dennis Moore

Thomas E. Scherer has announced that he will challenge Dennis Moore in the Kansas Third Congressional District Democrat Primary in 2006.

Scherer will provide Democrats the opportunity to vote for a legitimate liberal candidate against Moore, who while racking up an impressively liberal voting record in Congress, continues to talk the moderate Republican game on the campaign trail, alienating many Democrats and making them wonder what Moore really stands for.

Should be interesting to see how many Democrats line up behind Scherer, and to see if the primary makes Moore define his position on important issues more clearly, something Rep. Moore has refused to do since his election to the US House.


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Thomas E. Scherer, Congressional Candidate said...

First, I find disfavor with political labels lacking definition. As a congressional candidate, I was not sure based on what I believe, or the voters I want to represent considered themselves by political ideology. Therefore, I sought some definitions for the terms conservative and liberal.

I found a web site that I believe is unbiased and defines those terms as well as provides a short test to indicate where one is-either conservative or liberal. I took this test and was neither. Based on this test, it stated I was a centrist. (For example, Senator John McCain is a centrist). A centrist looks for the best solution to a problem, given the circumstances. Rather than merely following some hard-line party ideology (called a party playbook) on how to vote on a particular issue.

It would be great if all candidates, incumbents and voters took this test to see where they fall in political ideology. See http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz-faq.html. This quiz seems to be neutral, until I find a better quiz, and invite others to take it for themselves. I am hardly a liberal or conservative.

I do believe by a person whom takes this quiz; as well as looking at the results and the details, one will gain a better understanding of what all these "labels" mean.

Being better educated about yourself, or a person who wants to represent your interest as an elected official, is very important. Self-education on what you believe regarding political ideology is illuminating.


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